Borosil Glass Mixing Bowl Set, 3-Pieces, Transparent

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Borosil Glass Mixing Bowl Set, 3-Pieces, Transparent

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Borosil Glass Mixing Bowl Set, 3-Pieces, Transparent

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Product Description:

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From the Manufacturer
Be it preparing a salad, kneading wheat dough, gathering the ingredients for a tricky recipe, sousing meat prior 
to grilling, stashing the leftovers, shredding vegetables, or stirring up batter, Borosil mixing-bowl set serves it all.
This set consists of three bowls of capacity 500 ml (150 mm * 80 mm), 900 ml (170 mm * 88 mm), 
and 1.3L (190 mm * 95 mm).The bowls are fabricated with high-quality borosilicate glass which offers 
high resilience to temperatures up to 300 degree Centigrade. They are compatible with microwave, 
convection oven, fridge, and freezer, but should not be placed on direct flame.
As the glass is non-porous, it does not consume grease, stains, and dirt. It does not exude any odour,
 nor does it influence the taste, colour, and quality of the food. Even if the glass breaks after 
prolonged use, it breaks into small oval shaped pebbles rather that pointed, leg-piercing shards. 
In contrast to plastic bowls, there is no chipping or warping. They do not infuse fatal chemicals
 into the food. The bottom of the bowl is flat and hence the bowl does not topple over when placed
 on a regular surface. The tempered glass is dishwasher-safe and hence eases the removal of even
 tough grease and stain.

Borosil mixing-bowl set weighs 2.35 kg.

Product Features
Contains 3 transparent borosilicate bowls of capacity 500 ml, 900 ml, and 1.3L.
Odourless, and can be safely used in microwave oven, convection oven, heater , 
refrigerator, and freezer.
Can withstand temperatures up to 300 degree Centigrade.
Comes with a 1 year warranty.
Break resistant and durable.