Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i Air Cooler (with Remote)

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Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i Air Cooler (with Remote)

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Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i Air Cooler (with Remote)

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Specificatio for Symphony 50ltr diet 50i air cooler:-


For rooms up to (mt.3/ ft.3*) 57 / 2000
Engg. Plastic (blower / fan) Blower
Blower/Fan diameter (mm / inch) 180 / 7
Speed Control 3
230V / 50HZ 170
220V / 60HZ 175
110V / 60HZ 175
Tank capacity (up to brim- ltr.) 50
Remote control Yes
Auto louver movement Yes
Ice chamber Yes
Mosquito net / Dust filter Yes
Cool flow dispenser No
Empty tank alarm Yes
Cooling media Honeycomb
Product dimensions (mm)
Length 430
Breadth 360
Height 1345
Carton dimensions (mm)
Length 363
Breadth 414
Height 1315
No of units per 40ft container (hc) 360
Period 1 Year



Buying an air cooler can be easy but you need to go for the well-known ones or else, you may be stuck with one which doesn’t effectively cool your room. This cooler comes with a warranty period of 1 year which makes it very reliable. The Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i Air Cooler will not break open easily and will last you a long time. The product dimensions are 43x36x134.5 cm (WxDxH).


The Symphony cooler provides Dura Pump Technology which gives adequate cooling in any room. The cooler dispenses the coolness throughout the room and will not only focus on one spot. It also comes with an Empty Water Tank Alarm System, which is able to let you know when the water has run out so that you can refill the cooler.

Design and looks

The Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i Air Cooler features a vertical design and is white in colour. You can easily set it up in any room as its compact design does not take up a lot of space.

Tank capacity and cooling media

The tank has a 50 litre capacity and it cools owing to its high Efficiency Honeycomb Pad Ice Chamber Full Function. The cooler is remote controlled as well. It also features an Auto louver movement and an Ice chamber.


Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i Air Cooler uses Wattage of 230V / 50HZ, 220V / 60HZ,  110V / 60HZ. So, you do not need to worry about power consumption.

Extra features

It also has a Mosquito net and Dust filter. It can easily cool rooms up to 57 / 2000(mt.3/ ft.3*). There are three different speed controls available as well. Its effective cooling ability makes it one of the best coolers in the market today. You will be able to go ahead and get a lot of usage out of it.