Philips HP8100 Hair Dryer Blue

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Philips HP8100 Hair Dryer Blue

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Philips HP8100 Hair Dryer Blue

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Technical Specification:-

Brand Philips
Model HP8100
Colour Blue
Warranty Period 2 years
Region India
Warranty Card Required Yes
Product Specifications
Number of Heat Settings 2
Number of Speed Settings 2
Temperature 0 - 2 celsius
Hair Conditioning Basic Conditioning
Cold Shot No
Swivel Cord No
In the box
Number of Diffusers No
Number of Nozzle No
Holding Stand No
Warranty Card Yes
Weight 265 grams
Cord Length 1.5 meters
Power Specifications
Power Consumption 1000 watts
Voltage 220 - 240 volts
Period 2 Years
Period 2 Years
Period 2 Years
Period 2 Years


Two Years Philips India Guarantee$Power Consumption – 1000 Watts$Narrow Concentrator$Easy Storage Hook$Compact Design$Speed Control Option$1.5 m Cord Length


HP100 Hair Dryer has been designed not only to give efficient drying to your hair but it also ensures complete protection to your hair. It consists of the narrow concentrator that keeps the flow of the hot air focused on a specific area of your hair. This advanced hair dryer by Philips comes along with 2 years Philips India warranty.

1000 Watts

The HP8100 comes with 1000 Watts of power that helps the hair dryer in producing an optimum level of the air-flow. The high power air-flow, in turn accelerates the evaporating of the water and the moisture content from your hair. Therefore, 1000 Watts of the power provides a gentle but efficient drying to your hair, making them healthy and strong. Apart from this, with the highly energy efficient 1000 Watts power, you don’t even have to bother about the increased electricity bills.

Narrow Concentrator  

The dissipation of air is a common problem in the conventional hair dryers, which makes them less efficient. But one of the paramount features, the Narrow Concentrator in HP8100 reduces the air dissipation to a great extent. In other words, the air in this highly efficient hair dryer by Philips comes out through an opening and the Narrow Concentrator, thereafter, helps the air to concentrate on a specific area. It helps in the optimum use of the hair dryer. The Narrow Concentrator in HP8100 plays a great role in precise hair styling and also helps in finishing a particular style or doing the touch-up.

Compact Design

The design and the size of a hair dryer make a huge difference. The conventional hair dryers were not only big in size but their heavy weight also made it inconvenient to carry them. But incorporating the latest features, the new HP8100 has been ergonomically designed to easily fit in to your hand. The compact design of this hair dryer by Philips makes it convenient to hold. Furthermore, it also makes the HP8100 light weight and easy to handle. Apart from this, you can easily store this hair dryer in any corner of your house, without any hassles.  

Easy Storage Hook

Now, you don’t have to pack the hair dryer every time, after having used it. The HP8100 comes with an Easy Storage Hook that makes it convenient to hang it anywhere, from where you can have a quick access to your hair dryer. It consists of a rubberised hook, which has been placed at the base of the handle. Therefore, whether you are in your home or in a hotel, this highly efficient hair dryer by Philips gives you an additional storage option.

2 Flexible Speed Settings

The excessive heat can severely damage your hair and can also burn your scalp. Keeping this in mind, the HP8100 has been designed with 2 Flexible Speed, which enables you to control the heat of the hair dryer according to your need. When you need to do the hair styling or when you want to work on a particular finishing, you can set the higher speed. On other hand, the simple drying can be done with less heat by setting the speed at 1. The 2 Flexible Speed Settings helps in giving a proper care to your hair and it also enhance the life of your hair.

Cord Length – 1.5 m

The HP8100 comes with 1.5 m cord, which further adds to the convenient usage of the hair dryer. Now, you don’t have to stand near the power socket, instead, you can now sit comfortably and dry your hair without any hassles.