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  • Updated On 1st December 2021 9.00AM


    Welcome to Bid4jeet.in. This site is a unique reverse auction site and bidding site and Owned & Run by Jai Jagannath Web Services. These terms and conditions apply to the services available from the domain and sub-domains of www.bid4Jeet.in. Jai jagannath web services  is a Firm incorporated under Indian Firm act in which and its Internet platform is www.bid4jeet.in and our users in the version applicable on the date of use. Your participation in bidding offered by the website bid4jeet.in (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) is subject to only open to Indian Citizens residing in India and are of age 18 years and over.

    The terms and conditions describes in the below form is the nature of legal agreement between you and bid4jeet.in. By participating in bid4jeet.in, the User accepts the following General Terms and Conditions, as well as the manner in which Bid4Jeet and its operation as described on the website www.bid4jeet.in. Bid4Jeet does not recognise any terms and conditions set by the User that differ from these unless Bid4Jeet has agreed to their validity in writing.

    We reserve the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time without giving prior notice to you so we advice the Bidders should update their knowledge of the terms time to time. The new terms and conditions will govern all bid4jeet.in auctions that commence after the time when they are published on this site. We reserve the right to terminate your access to all or any of our bidding at our sole discretion at any time without giving you prior notice. These Auctions are held in a specific auction or time format whereby the lowest & unique amount bid by an individual bidder determines the winner of the auction.

    If we determined that any breach of any of these Terms by you with any reasonable ground then we reserve the right to debar or block you from our platform. If you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions or any future updates to these Terms time to time, Then you must immediately discontinue to use of this Website and any auctions offered by it.

    **Note-  Any Dispute Regarding the Website and bidding and shemes will be  concern to our Legal Team , Decision of Our Legal Team in respect of winner/User will be final and they are authorized for this.


    Bidder- Means a  Registered user who submits a Bid according to T&C.

    Bid- means a proposal by a unique Bidder to pay a decided Bid Amount for a product or each Auction.

    Auction- means a unique auction according to the auction format as specified by the bid4jeet.

    Lowest & Unique Bid- means the lowest bid that placed by a Unique user only and not placed the same amount  by any other users.

    Bid Points-means a loyalty point that may be earned through any schemes that may be offered as part of the Auction service and which may be used to pay for placing a bid.

    Not unique-Means that the bid (upto 2 decimal place) which is a duplicate of any other registered bid by any user for a particular auction(same amount placed by two or more users).

    Unique But Not Lowest- means the bid (upto 2 decimal place) which is unique (i.e. not yet been placed by any other bidder) BUT is not the lowest among all bids registered for that particular item.

    Winning Bid Amount -means the Lowest & Unique Bid amount which is paid by the Bidder to purchase the product.

    Bid Price- Means the cost per single bid placed in Rupees.

    Lowest Unique Bidder- means a user who place the lowest & unique bid & that bid must be Lowest & Unique until  the Auction closed is declared a Winner for that particular product.


    1.1 He/She is aged 18 or over, or as legally required in the country of residence must be in  india.
    1.2 Each user only open a single bid4jeet account.

    1.3 Provides a valid E-mail id.

    1.4 Provide a valid mobile number.

    1.5 Provides Use names and/or addresses and/or personal data.

    1.6 Winner must have to provide the Id proof & address proof for delivery of the product.


    2.1 Fill up the form with the valid personal details and you will be done to use the full functionality of the bid4jeet.in.Therefore we recommends that each user may register only once, using their residential postal address. Non-residential and post office box addresses may not be used for user registration purposes. During the registration process, the User must choose a user name. The user name chosen by him/her must be unique. Additionally, the use of misleading user names is strictly prohibited. Bid4Jeet reserves the right to change or delete a user name if it finds user violating Bid4Jeet's term and conditions. The associated password is to be kept secret by the User.

    2.2 The User has to provide a valid INDIA mobile phone number & E-mail id during the registration process for Bid4Jeet to authenticate the User and prevent future misuse of the service. We communicate to verify the details given by you for the security reason. After registration if user wants to change any personal details then he/she must send a mail to care@bid4jeet.in. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, bid4jeet has the right to indefinitely terminate your access to the Service and the Website and exclude all bids placed by you and no refund will be entertain.

    2.3 If any user own any item for the first time then he/she can not claim the physical product or bank transfer for the first winning whether its free bids or paid bids or bidpoints, Inorder to eligible for all the claiming options(bank transfer/product) he/she must be a verified user and paid member of our platform


    3.1 Each user needs to buy some bids inorder to place bids. this credit amount given at bid4jeet website cannot be transferred, willed, donated, encashed, or refund. The credit Amount will have validity as per decided by the company and will be informed and remove at its sole decision of the company.

    3.2 User must provide the valid account details information at the time of purchase of bids in the payment gateway.

    3.3 User must be the owner of the bank account through which medium done the payment.

    3.4 KYC Verification may be done of Users who will pay more than Rs.10,000, So User can't Denied for KYC Verification.

    3.5 Bid4jeet does not save any bank information provided by you it only required by the payment gateway in order to verify your account for the misuse of the same which is encrypted itself.

    3.6 We use one or more well-established and reputable third party payment service providers for the acceptance of online payments for all our Auctions. Therefore, we will not be liable for any compromise, misuse of this information or breach of security by these third party payment service providers.

    3.7 We reserve the right at its sole discretion to cancel/bar any winner from claiming the product without any kind of refund if in case winner is not able to pay the invoice amount or submit the required documents and payment within 3 days from the day/date of intimation to process/fulfil the same.

    **Note-  Whether Invoice applicable or not it must be specified on that particular Auction/Product page.

    3.8 For any queries, clarifications, suggestions or comments, please mail us at support@bid4jeet.in

    3.9   Bidding fees varies by auction and ranges anywhere between Rs2 per bid to Rs10 per bid and will be stated in each auction promotion. Bidding fee is at the discretion of bid4jeet.


    4.1 A bidder can place a bid in between 0.01 to 1000.00. Always remember that bid must be two decimal places other than this pattern will consider as an invalid bid.Winner will be the lowest unique bidder who will be lowest and unique till the auction closed.


    Bidder 1 placed bid amount: 0.01                                                                                

    Bidder 2 placed bid amount: 0.02

    Bidder 3 placed bid amount: 0.03

    Bidder 4 placed bid amount: 0.03

    Bidder 5 placed bid amount: 0.01

    Bidder 6 placed bid amount: 0.05

    Bidder 7 placed bid amount: 0.02

    Bidder 8 placed bid amount: 0.04

    Then the 0.01 bid is shows “not unique”, 0.02 shows “not unique”, 0.03 shows also “not unique”, 0.04 is shows “Lowest & unique bid” and the 0.05 shows “Unique but not lowest”. So finally the winner is the 0.04 that means the bidder 8 is the winner and he/she will declare as a winner at the auction closed. All the auction winner declared as soon as the auction closed sometimes there may be a period of up to 72 working hours from when an Auction closes until the auction results are announced. This period is to allow for the reconciliation of Bids and the auditing of results for genuine winner if server detects any fraud if fund auction will be cancelled & the corresponding user will be blocked from our platform temporarily. Note: do not place any bids before 60secs of closing of an auction because it is the reconcillation periods for bidstatus to declare the instant winner, If you placed any bids in this time periods then some bids may placed & some are not, So it will be at your own risk..

    4.2 As a Winning buyer you must contact bid4jeet within seventy-two (72) hours of auction closing successfully at care@bid4jeet.in  and complete all the formalities else your claim may be denied. This is mandatory and no exception will be made whatsoever.

    4.3 Bids cannot be cancelled. By bidding for an item you agree to be bound by the conditions of bid included in the item`s description (go to the description) so long as those conditions are not in violation of the Terms and Conditions or unlawful. In case of consumer goods, sellers on the Service may or may not specify the retail prices of the items being sold. You are advised to independently verify the retail prices of such items if you so desire.

    4.4 We wish to inform you that there might be times when due to failure in the network or firewall issues, you might not receive update mails from bid4jeet. Therefore, you are requested to kindly log on to www.bid4jeet.in & check your bid status from time to time.

    4.5 We wish to inform you that, Do not place any bids at last 30 secs as it required by the server to reconcile of bids & declare the genuine winners. If you placed any bids then it will be placed by your own risk because , There may be some bids placed & some are not, Its completely depends upon the server due to the heavy traffic.


    5.1  If you breach the Terms and Conditions or the documents it incorporates by reference then bid4jeet immediately issue a warning temporarily suspend or terminate your access and refuse to provide you with access to the service provided by the Website.                                                               

    5.2 bid4jeet reserves the right to recover any dues owed by you and to take strict legal action civil and/or criminal including but not limited to a referral to the Cyber Crime Division / initiating criminal proceedings against you. 

    5.3 Any dispute arising out of the Terms or Privacy Policy shall be settled by a sole arbitrator jointly appointed by bid4jeet.in and the claimant in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 in force in India. The place of arbitration shall be balasore only and the language of arbitration shall be English. The applicable law shall be the laws of India. This User Agreement shall be governed by the jurisdiction of Balasore,Orissa state of India only.    

    5.5 Bid4jeet.in reserves the right to declare the auction null and void at any time before, during and after the close of the auction. Decision of Bid4jeet.in in respect of winner will be final. If anyone breaches any terms and conditions or using unfair practices, Bid4jeet has the ability to suspend users account and prohibit user access to the Website and remove the Users bids from the Service.

    5.6 You undertake to participate in auctions conducted through the Website as an individual bidder. Formation of teams/group and collusion between you and any other bidder(s) for participating and bidding in auctions organized on the Website will result in us deleting the accounts and debarring access to the website and for all bidders who are members of such teams or have taken part in such collusion. Your bids will be immediately cancelled and you will not able to buy any products even if you are the successful bidder or winner in any auction, In that case we will cancel the auction & refund will be given to all, Decision of Bid4jeet.in in respect of winner will be final. Should we come to know of any such act after the auction is concluded and the product has been already shipped to you or is in your possession, we have legal and contractual right to obtain the product back from you unconditionally. Additionally, such an act will result in you being debarred from further participation and cancellation of your registration with us without prejudice to any legal recourse we may have if such act amounts to an offence under any law in force in India.

    NOTE: If any user unblocked after requested by the user who has been blocked at reasonable ground , Then he needs to deposit a minimum of Rs 1000 inorder to winning further.


    BID4JEET  will  only pay the Ex-showroom price.
    Rest of the amount for eg. registration, insurance and miscellaneous charges will be paid by winner.
    Winner has to provide all the documents to collect the product as requested by the dealer.
    Winner has to collect product from the nearest local showroom.

    At the time of taking the product winner must have to take some snaps in the showroom with the showroom person & bike for proof of received.

    Company will not take the responsibility of delivery.

    ** Note- Incase Winner Don’t opt for Vehicle he/she can enchased the amount through NEFT, 5% Service charges will be applicable for this.


    7.1 Delivery will be made from our partner's warehouse to the registered address provided by the User. Deliveries are made solely within the INDIA.

    7.2 There is no need to pay any amount after winning any product that means any courier charges or vat or tax or winning amount. Only you buy the bids and place bids after winning we will deliver your product to your doorstep after completing all the formalities by you.

    **Note- If applicable for invoice/vat/courier charges  then it must be specified in the product details page, So our sincere request you to please update this thing from the every Auction/Product details page.

    7.3 Couriers received should be checked for damage in front of the delivery boy and in case of any damage the item should be returned back without signing for acceptance.

    7.4 Winner has to provide specified documents which will be required after winning of any auction to home delivery of product is due will be any photo identity and/or PAN card copy. Please note that Bid4jeet at its discretion can call for PAN card details specifically to establish the identity of the winner. Failure to send the required documents will result in non delivery of the item won. Any transfer and/or delivery costs which are payable will be stated in the particulars of the relevant Bid4jeet.in auction, and must be paid by the Successful Bidder.

    7.5 Once the Congratulation!!!winning mail is forwarded to the winner and mail for the required documents is sent then winner are subjected to complete this within 3 days from the date of getting the mail. If the user/winner failed to provide the required documents or/and does not respond to the mail then company on its own decision will not send the item to the winner. No money refund will be given to the existing winner as he/she has failed to comply with the terms and condition. Winners are not liable to question / ask the company for the change it decision or mind. MRP of any products displayed in our website  may vary in time to time according to our suppliers provide and according to the current market price. Any Price Fluctuation according to time will be bear by the Winner;The product/service will be delivered to you normally within 30 working days but in some cases it will take  in 90 working days due to the availability of the products or less from the date of receiving all the specified documents duly signed by the winner & all formalities completed by the winner.

    7.6 If the product is shipped to the address provided by the winner and product return back to company as the person/winner is not available at the place to receive the product then in that case person/winner has to pay  all the shipping & tax charges including the winning bid to receive the product from company. The Winners are required to send the confirmation of receiving the product sent through courier which they had won. If they do not provide any confirmation then in that case company will not send next winning Products even if they had provided and completed all the formalities of getting the product. Therefore in this case, company with its own decision without any prior notice can declare the next lowest and unique bidder as the winner for that auction. No money refund will be given to the existing winner as he/she has failed to comply with the terms and condition or company can ask the winner for the additional charges for the storing and keeping the products as the special charges for the providing the space for the product.

    7.7 Guarantees for products will only be provided as stated in the Auction Item description for each specific Auction (no mention of a guarantee will imply no specific guarantee). The supplier  may offer guarantees and warranties, such guarantees and warranties are not provided by us but solely by the relevant supplier. Your statutory rights in such a case remain unaffected. Items sold on All the products typically come with the manufacturer’s warranty, which obviously vary by manufacturer.
    In case there are any faults with the received item(s), please contact support@bid4jeet.in The customer will then go to the nearest service centre for any such issues. If the fault of the product is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, Bid4jeet will assist the customer in acquiring a brand new product from the manufacturer.

    7.8 All the verified respond are eligible to send the products to the winners' given addresses. However, in case of area not serviceable by our courier partner then we go for the postal service, Otherwise the winners will be required to furnish alternate serviceable delivery addresses or should collect from the nearest possible point of delivery at their own cost.

    7.9 Each products send by us to the corresponding winner are company sealed and well packed with our company invoice, So you need not worried about the same.

    *Note: Pls. follow these guideline while receiving the product:

    (i) Once you receive the courier, please open the box/consignment in presence of courier person.
    (ii) Do not let him go until you satisfy that product that received by you is Ok in condition.
    (iii)If in case you find any Damage then please contact customer care number.
    (iv) Please get a written proof that you had received in damage condition and get it signed from the courier person.
    (v) Inform the same to Bid4Jeet and send the original copy of the proof.


    8.PROMOTION Updated on 21.02.2016

    We provide several schemes in the schemes page: Company will not responsible to pay any amount if any gain or loss has been occured as per our schemes,Due to some technical problem if any rules does not fulfill the criteria then you must have to informed to the customer support inorder to proceed it.

    8.1 BUYBACK : User can claim the product although he/she will loose the auction by paying the remaining bidcredits as per the MRP except the winner.


    Special Codition:- For users who claiming the buyback will get the products within 90days & for bank transfer he/she will gets the amount within 60days from the date of won.


    8.2 Deposit Bonus: Under this user get some bid points  after successful deposit of money to his/her account.


    Current Scemes:-

    On every Deposit of Rs. 100 get 500 Bid Points free. So on every amount deposited to Bid4jeet is the multiple of Rs.100 then the corresponding Bid Points will be given.

    If you deposited: Rs. 200 then you will get 1000 bid points
    If you deposited: Rs. 400 then you will get 2000 bid points

    If you deposited: Rs. 600 then you will get 3000 bid points
    If you deposited: Rs. 1000 then you will get 5000 bid points &...so on...


    8.3 Free Auction:  updated on 25.2.16 at 5.40PM


    Under this user does not required bid price/bid points to place bid. Its free of cost for the bidding point of view. There is a limitation to the bids, a single user can place a maximum of 10 bids per auction. . Winner must complet all the formalities to get the product.

    (i). User must be a new user (Not won any auction in our website from very beginning).

    (ii). If any Old users (who already won auctions in our website) those bids will be taken as invalid bids & no refund will be entertain.

    (iii). If any New user places more than 10 bids then his bids also be taken as invalid bids


    8.4 Encashment:

    Under this User having its own choice whether winner wants these option below:

    (i)Get the product through  courier or postal partner.

       (**Note If invoice Applicable then it specified on the Product/Auction details Page)

    (ii)Get the respective bid credit to your Bid4jeet account. (Get the Respective Bid credits  Specified on the product's page, If its available on the Product's page)

    (iii) Get the respective amount to your bank account. **Note 5% Service Charges Applicable, After the specified amount on the product's page, This will be credited to your account within 10 working days from 1st january 2017 onwards.

         (**Note If NEFT Applicable then it must be specified on the Product/Auction details Page, Request you to please visit the product's page for the same)


    **Note: If winner opt for the Bank Transfer then he/she must have to submit the PAN card and Bank Passbook Copy to Bid4Jeet, Post successful varification of documents we will proceed To the Next Step(One Time Varification). MRP of any products displayed in our website  may vary in time to time according to our suppliers provide and according to the current market price. Any Price Fluctuation according to time will be bear by the Winner; First 50 Auction's Winners can't available Encashment Scheme. Amount will be Transfer  through NEFT to the respective winners within 10days from the date of request.


    8.5 Winner Of The Month

    In Order to excite our customers , We discovered a Monthly winners of the contest, In this Contest Winners will be declared on the First week of the Next month who has done maximum bidding during this periods auctions. we will publish a maximum of 20 bidders on our website on the TOP20BIDDERS section each month first week starting from ocober 2019. We will give a gift item to the corresponding top 20 bidders of bid4jeet as mentioned on the above page.

    Note: The Gift item will be deliver to the corresponding bidder within a maximum of 30days.


    8.6 Try My Luck

    In Order to excite our customers , We discovered a Daily winner of the contest, winner will be announced on every end of the day.

    **For more details Please Visit promotion page.

    NOTE:- If needed then winners must have to paid the 30%Tax products worth exceed Rs 10000/- by himself.

    9. Bidcredits: (Applicable From 16-01-2017)

    9.1- After winning any auction of our website if winners claim for the bid credits then the same has been credited to his/her account within 48 Hours automatically. If not credited Contact Us after 48 Hours to get it after winning any product.

    9.2- New users can not win paid products from our platform without any deposit to our website Using free bidpoints which is given at the time of registration, If he/she won any such product then he/she must have to deposit a minimum of Rs 1000 inorder to claim the product as credits from our platform with all formalities. 

    9.3- Users who will not used their credits within a period of 6th months &  suddenly came & won an item then he has pay a minimum of Rs 1000 to poceed further.

    9.4- User now can win as much as products using his/her bidcredits but user can not use the same amount to win frequently day by day(more than 2 products) or in a day without depositing any amount to bid4jeet, for that he/she needs to deposit a minimum of Rs 1000 inorder to claim the product/bank transfer else he/she bounds to claim the bidcredits.

    9.5- If any user have bidcredits more than 500 & the user does not used that credits within 6months from it was deposited then in that scenario if the user won any item using that bidcredits after coming suddenly after  6months, Then these bids will not be considered as paidbids result the auction needs to be cancelled and refund was processed under such circumstances and the user status will be in hold, To revoke this issue user needs to deposit atleast 20% of the remaining bidcredits and then proceed towards bidding so that all bids will be considered as paid bids.


    10.1 Once you purchased the bids are non-refundable and hence Users should buy only as many bids as they are willing to spend/or place bids in the bidding process of the auction. Any refunds deemed due under these terms and conditions will be refunded in Credits to the Bidder's Account & Bid4Jeet will make the cash refunds under Encashment to the winners only. Other than this Bid4jeet will not liable or bound to give refund to any user. We may at our sole discretion, decide to refund you in cash or not.

    10.2 Bought bid points and promotional bid points can’t be exchanged for cash or refunded, but can only be used towards paying for bidding price or towards purchasing the specific product or service for the Bid Amount of the Qualifying Unique Bid by the Selected Bidder.

    10.3 There will be no refund of bids submitted by you to place bids in any case. If an auction gets cancelled, removed, withdrawn or terminated by the Bid4Jeet then the respected amount of bids paid by the User to buy bids credited to the respective User’s account is entirely on the discretion of Bid4Jeet.

    10.4 In case the product is defective or damaged, the product may be returned by the Buyer for a replacement within 48 hours from the time of receipt of Product or in accordance with the any specific "Return Policy" stated for that product by Bid4Jeet. Product returned under this policy must be received by Bid4Jeet in as - new or unused condition and in full conformance with the invoice specifications (all other items/ accessories, if any delivered with the Product must be returned). In case of electronic items, once Manufacturer’s seal is broken, the Product shall not be returned. It is clarified that, the Buyer shall not make any claim in respect of the Product upon the expiry of 48 hours from the time of receipt/ acknowledgement of the Product. In no case will the return of an item entitle you to a refund of the Bid points or amount used to win or purchase the item.

    **Please Note that It will be consider on any reasonable ground.

    10.5 No refunds will be entertain for excess bids placed on an auction including but not limited to cases where total bids submitted by You in an auction is more than the Bid4Jeet Price of the Item in the auction. No Bid credits will be issued for excess bids placed either.

    10.6 The money deposited for bidding purpose can only be used for bidding only; It cannot be diverted for any other issue.



    11.1 Bid4Jeet or its partners, licensors or associates shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of the use of or inability to use Bid4Jeet, including their legal representatives, directors, agents, controlled companies and employees shall not be liable for incorrect or incomplete contents published on the site or concerning the Service whether these are generated by users, Members or any other instrument or program associated to the Service or used by the Service.

    11.2 Bid4Jeet shall not be liable for any technical malfunction or problem of any network or telephone line, online computer system, server or provider, computer equipment, software, lack of e-mail or traffic congestion of the Internet or any site or combination of these, including tort or damage to user or Member computers and computer of any person, that may arise from taking part or downloading material related to the Bid4Jeet Web Site or its Services.

    11.3 If you are dissatisfaction with the Website, then you have to stop to using the its Services. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Website is done at your own discretion and risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from such download.

    11.4 You are agree to indemnify, defend and hold Bid4Jeet, harmless from all claims, damages and expenses made by any third party arising out of your content, your use of the website, your connection to Bid4Jeet, or your violation of these Terms or Privacy Policy.


    12.1 Excluding jurisdictions in which said provisions are limited In no event shall  Bid4Jeet or its suppliers be liable towards members or third parties for any indirect, consequent, exemplary, accidental, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill , the unauthorized access to or alterations of your transmissions or data, statements or conduct of any third party on the Website, use, data or other intangible losses arising out of or in connection with the use of the website or its Service.

    12.2 Bid4Jeet assumes no liability whatsoever for any monetary or other damage suffered by you on account of: The delay, failure, interruption, or corruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection with use of the Service; Any interruption or errors in the operation of the service offered by the website. Non receipt of status of the bid by the bidder due to Operator network failure/congestion/any other reason.

    12.3 Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this agreement Bid4jeet’s liability to the member for any cause whatsoever, will at all times be limited to the amount paid by the Member, regardless of the form of action.


    13.1 If any such case no one gets the lowest unique bid status by closed of the auction then the auction again live for bidding to find the LUB for winner.


    If bidder A placed a range of 0.01- 0.51 (0.01 is the Lowest unique bid)

    bidder B placed a range 0.01- 1.00 (0.52 is the Lowest unique bid)

    the last bidder C placed  0.40- 1.00 (results all bids are not unique)

    As all the bids are not unique hence there is no LUB for that so our server unable to declare the winner for the same.In such cases We again place the same auction for bidding as all the bids placed by the users are not unique, so we will try to search for next lowest bidder by live that auction again for next one hour.

    13.2 From 01.12.2021 onwards 50% paid bids criteria is there for every auction with MRP More than 8000 or more and for product MRP inbetween 500 to 7999 the minimum amount should be 40%, If it does not reached then the same auction will be cancelled and refund will given to all participated users.

    13.3 If any old users discontinued our website for a month & then come to play & won a certain product then he/she can not be able to claim that particular physical product or bank transfer which he/she won for the first time after his comeback. Its mandatory to takes bidcredit instead of others option for the first product only.

    13.4  If any users won a certain item and do not complete the formalities within an week from date of  inform, Or winning more than one item without depositing Rs 1000 into his/her bid4jeet's account within the last three month in one time/order , At this case he/she will needs to deposit a minimum of Rs 2000 inorder to proceed further.

    13.5 If any fraud found on any particular auctions then the winner's bids will be cancelled & declared the new genuine winner who is the previous LUB, If previous not found from the winning bid then goes for next LUB after the fake winners bids.

    13.6 There would be a minimum of 50 bids for each and every auction to be closed successfully, 50 bids does not means to a particular user it is the total bids from all users for that auction, If the total/overall bids is not equal to or more than 50 bids than the same auction will be reshedule to a different time to fulfill the required the no of bids/ it would be cancelled if there is no vacant time slot for the auction.


             The bidhistory & payment history will be automatically deleted on every last of a week  inorder to give a better service on the bidding point of view.  Except this all your bidhistory is only avail for 5days , The old bidhistory of any closed auctions will no longer available . If any ongoing auction having the live bids which may cancelled then it will be refund by admin. If user having any doubts regarding bidsheets of any closed auctions then he/she must notify us within 24 hours of any closed auction, So that we will verify the bidsheet & do the needful. We do not disclose any personnel data such as bidsheet,mobile no, email id, It is secured & operates by Bid4Jeet itself. Decission of Bid4Jeet should be fianl at any point.


    If any user won any paricular item for paytm credit then it will be transfered to his/her registered paytm account registered with bid4jeet.


    16.1 The auction will immediately closed only  if the green bar is full as per the no of bids received.

    16.2 There is no any limitation everyone can partcipate.

    16.3 Kindly note that the bidcredits which to be used must be deposited or gained through scratchcards within 1month.

    16.4 Any previous bidcredits/bidback credits/won credits used for participation will not taken into consideration for green bar counting.



    Bid4Jeet trademarks and its logo, and Bid4Jeet website texts are belong to Jai Jagannath Web Services. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. You cannot in any reason, use the intellectual property of Bid4Jeet reproduce texts, images or any other data published on the website without having received prior written consent from Jai Jagannath Web Services.