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    To start using our auction, you’ll need to register. It’s completely free!

    Buy or Bid

    You can instantly buy or place a bid on a desired product right after registration.

    Submit a Bid

    Submitting a bid is fast and easy. The process takes approximately 1 minutes.


    Easily win at our auction and enjoy owning the product you dream of.

    1. Registration – Here The Registration is Free of Cost, You don’t have to pay anything to register with us.Simply you click the Signup button which    is present in  the   top of the right side.                                             

    2. Buy Bids :-Your next step is to buy bids. Click on BUY BIDS button which is present in the top of the page with light orange color then you can make the Payment using Credit card, Debit card or Net Banking. After the payment is complete, click on the “HOME” button, which will take you to the auction page that displays the items currently being auctioned.
                    A: Click on Buy Bids Button on Home page top Horizontal Menu.
                    B: Enter the Amount you wish to Play.
                    C: You are redirected to Payment gateway page. Provide the input as required & your payment will be done   successfully.
                    D: Pls. check the Amount updated in the Account Section under the "Bid Credits".

    3. Select the product you wish to Place the bids. Then click on BID NOW button. It will redirect to a page where you can place the bids.

    4. On the next page (PLACE BID STEP-1) page You have to enter the bid amount which you wants to place.This is of two types:

           A. Place the each bid amount manually :(Enter Your Bid)

                    Bid amount should be starting from 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05.....like this & onwards.

                    Suppose you wants place the bids 6.72 then you have to place the '6' on the left side box  and '72' on the right side box like that you have place manually as much     as bids you wants by clicking the BIDMORES button to place more no of bids then click place bids.

    Note: Here no need to place any decimal for bid amount.

          B. Place the range bid amount manually from to To :(Enter Your Bid in Range)

      Suppose you wants place the bids range from  0.01 to 1.00 then you have to place the '0.01' on the left side box  and '1.00' on the right side box like that you have place the range bids and then click Place Bids button.

        Note: Here you have to place the decimal while writing the bid amount in range & maximum of 100 bids you will place in one go.

    Ex: 0.01 to 1.00,  1.01 to 2.00 , 2.01 to 3.00 & so on...

    5. On the next page (PLACE BID STEP-2)

        You will see the no of bids which you wants to play, Here you have to choose whether you will pay it through BID FEE or through  PAY WITH BIDPOINTS. then click on  CONTINUE button.

        Bid Fee:- the amount which you deposited.

        Bid Points: the points which is given for free when you will deposits(It will credited automatically the double of the amount deposited)

    6. On the next page (PLACE BID STEP-3)

      Here you will see the total amount or bidcredits and bidpoints which will debited from your account then Click the CONFIRM button to place the bids.

    7. On the next page (BID PLACED)

     Here you will see the bids status of each bid you had placed at last

     Lowest Unique Bid:  Your bid is unique no one else place the bids & its the lowest bid for that particular product.

     Unique But Not Lowest: Your bid amount is unique but not the lowest for that product.

     Not Unique: The bid amount which had placed the same bid also placed by someone else.

    Note: Your bid must be lowest unique bid to display it on the product page, If your username is there till the auction timer end then you wil be automatically declared as a winner for that item

    8. Then click on Go To Auction button and then check your name whether its there on the below of the product or not ,else place the bids in range & find the lowest unique bid.

    9. Frequently refresh the home page to see the updated lowest unique bidder for each auctions.

    10. Always try to bids in a range from 0.01 to 1.00 if the lowest unique bid is not there then go to the next range that is 1.01 to 2.00 & so on.

    11. Try to check the placed bids status frequently refreshing the page by visiting the active bids section of your my account which is present on the top of the right side after logging in.