• 1. What is Lowest & Unique Bid Auction in the bidding site bid4jeet?

    A lowest unique auction is one in which people can win products by placing the “lowest unique bid, which could be as low as 1 paisa. It is based on Skillful Bidding with handful of strategy, logic and understanding by placing the lowest and unique bid which no one else has placed by the time the auction closes.

    2. How Can I start bidding on the online bidding site, auction site?

    “Registration” in Bid4jeet.in is absolutely free. To take part in auctions, you may need to purchase some bidcredit just clicking the "BUYBIDS” and manually enter the amount you wish to deposit. Once you have Bid Credit in your account you can choose any of the Product and start bidding in the top online bidding site auction website in india.

    3. Is there any age limit to join Bid4jeet.in (Bidding Site, Online Bidding)?

    There is No age limit of join & participate & also can win but Winning product can only be obtained when the winner is 18 years or more. Age proof is required for the verification process of winners.

    4. Exactly how does bidding on Bid4jeet work?

    Registered users can place bids on selected items offered by Bid4jeet.in via a sealed bid process. Bidder has to pay an auction entry fee to place their bids on products. The bidder must place the lowest & unique bid that is the lowest unique bid in Rupees & that bid no other bidder would place. The status of the bids will be notified after the bid is submitted on-screen. If the status of bids changes throughout the auction then same can be seen in Active Bids option. Every auction is limitations to the specific number of bids and time period. The auction automatically closes on reaching the time limit. After the auction has closed, the bidder who placed the lowest and unique bid wins.

    5. How can I place the bid in an auction in this auction site?

    Just “Login, then check available balance which present in “Bid Credit” & in “My account”. If you do not have sufficient balance, click on to “Buy Bids” and deposit the amount. If you have sufficient balance click on the auction you would like to participate and click “Bid Now” to place your bids specifying the bid value you want.

    6. How many bids can be placed at a time in this platform for an specific auction?

    You can place as many bids as you like, unless there is a stated maximum number of bids for each auction. However please remember an entry fee will be charged for each bid placed.

    7. Can I take part in more than one auction at a time?

    Registered users can take part in as many auctions they like.

    8. What is a Lowest & Unique bid?

    Lowest & unique bid amount entered in the auction is that bid amount which has not been placed by any other person. For example, if bidders A, B and C place a bid of Rs. 2.25, bidder D places a bid of Rs. 3.15, and bidder E places a bid of Rs. 2.45, although Rs. 2.45 is not the lowest bid in the auction (Rs. 2.25 is lower), Rs. 2.45 is the lowest unique bid placed in this auction, because Rs. 3.15 is a unique bid but it is not lowest, therefore Rs. 2.45 is the Lowest & Unique bid (winning bid).

    Visit “How It Works” page for the complete guide to 'Lowest Unique Bid'.

    9. Can I purchase products that which showing for Auction from Bid4jeet.in without participating in auction site?

    Yes, items auctioned on the site are purchasable without participating in auction but with prior permission from Bid4jeet.

    10. When does an auction end?

    An auction automatically ends when a specified closing day, date and time has been reached.

    11. How can I pay for a bid?

    Click on “Buy Bids” and follow the instructions and it will take you to a secure payment page. Here you can pay through Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking.

    Visit “How It Works” page for the complete guide to 'Buy Bid'.

    12. Are my payments to Bid4jeet.in are secure?

    Yes. Secure third-party payment-processing provider is used to process all Debit/Credit Card transactions. The third-party payment processors pages are encrypted SSL secure pages. Secure Payments are made over an encrypted connection with our Payment Gateway.

    13. Do you store my Debit/Credit Card or Net banking details?

    No. No confidential payment details are stored and all payments are managed securely by our payment gateway on behalf of Bid4jeet.in.

    14. How will I know if my bid was successfully submitted?

    The user will get an instant notification screen after the submission of the bids including details of the bid, unique Bid ID and real-time status.

    15. How much does it cost to bid via my mobile?

    There is no difference in Bid cost if User bid via mobile.

    16. Will I get charged each time of my bid status updation?

    No. You will only be charged for each separate bid you make and only on the first time that bid is entered. For example if you bid 10p, and the status changes 10 times, you will only be charged once for the bid. For ten different bids, you will be charged ten times.

    17. How can I check the status of my bids in real time on the site?

    Yes. Click on "Active Bids" option, and you will see a list of your active bids (if any). Simply click “Refresh” button to get an updated bid status.

    18. How will I know if I did not win?

    If you won then we will send you an e-mail or text informing you that you have won the auction. Once confirmed and verified as the winner, your name may also appear on the results pages as the winner of the auction.

    19. If I place the winning lowest unique bid, do I have to pay the winning bid amount?

    No, you have not to any amount.

    20. What is an auction entry fee?

    This is a Bid fee charged for each bid placed in an auction.

    21. When do I have to pay an entry fee in your auction site?

    It must be paid when placing a bid.

    22. What are Bonus Credits & how it can earn?

    Bonus Credit is an exclusive loyalty scheme to be used to pay for entry fees. When user deposit some amount and get some extra credit then such credit is called Bonus credit, Users can accumulate Bid Points which can be used to pay for entry fees and this can be done by ticking the Pay with Bid Point option in the auction checkout page. And also from time to time Bid4Jeet offers special promotions/schemes that enable you to receive Bid Points.  

    Visit  "Buy Bids page for the complete guide to 'Bonus Credit'.

    23. Can I exchange Bid Points for cash?

    No. Bid Points may not be exchanged for cash. They may only be used to pay for auction entry fees.

    24. Can I undo submitted Bids?

    No, once you have submitted a Bid it cannot be undone.

    25. Can I get a refund for bids which I have purchased?

    No. Once bids are purchased there are no refunds but if the auction is cancelled or postponed then the refund allocation will be at the sole discretion of Bid4jeet.in top online bidding site in india mytokri.

    26. How do I know if my payment was processed successfully?

    You will receive an email that confirms the bid and the success of payment.

    27. How much will shipping and packing fees to winner?

    No, yet winner has not to pay any shipping and packing fees but it can be change at any time at the sole discretion of Bid4jeet.in.

    28. Do you do international shipping?

    No, only India residents are eligible to participate in Bid4jeet.in bidding. 

    29. If I decide I do not want the item, can I return it and get a refund of my Bid fees?

    Yes, we also give an option for cash back if they do not opt for the product. But in such cases, we transfer the cost price of the product which we would have to incur if we were to ship the product to you. The amount we transfer is based on the cost of the product which our supplier provides to us. But once the winning product is shipped then it cannot be returned.

    Visit “Encahment” page for the complete guide.

    30. What should I do if I receive a faulty product?

    The chance of a faulty product is very minimal as we get the product either directly from the manufacturer or their authorized dealer. In an unfortunate event of a faulty product, the customers should immediately contact to Bid4jeet.in’s Customer support ant to the respective manufacturer directly or their service center.

    31. Can Bid4jeet repair or replace defective items?

    No. Any defective or damaged items should be taken up with the manufacturer.

    32. Is my personal information confidential with Bid4jeet?

    Yes. Bid4jeet.in Comply with data protection & hence we are bound to keep Users data confidential. We never disclose any of your information to a third party without the explicit permission of your. However from time to time, we may contact the customers for providing better services with their permission.

    33. What should I do if I forget my username or password?

    Click the “Forgot Username” or "Forgot Password" link on the website and you will get an email to your registered e-mail address. You can then reset your password and continue using the website. If you still experience problems, refused entry or the system fails, please contact our Customer Support.

    34. When I am login, login page remains on without login page. What’s going wrong?

    Please check cookies that are enabled on your browser and also check your computer system’s time. This is a known and recognised problem with certain AOL browsers. If this continues, we suggest that the AOL browser is minimised and that you open the site once again in Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or another browser. If this problem persists, please contact our Customer Support.

    35. I have received an email from Bid4jeet.in asking for my account details, is this ok?

    Bid4jeet will never email you asking for account details. However, for security we can email you and request you to provide proof of Identification; if you are concerned simply get in contact at alert@bid4jeet.in.

    36. What should I do if I receive a suspicious email?

    Please contact our helpdesk and forward such suspicious email to alert@bid4jeet.in .

    37. What should I do if I have a problem with my account?

    If you encounter any problems with the website, please e-mail to our customer support by Clicking “Contact Us link on our website. We will respond to your queries within 24 hours.

    38. How can I contact Bid4jeet.in online bidding site?

    Our contact details/address is given in the Contact Us page of the site.

    39.  How can i logout from my session from your bidding site?

    Just click the logout option which is appear in our website at the top  of the right of BUYBIDS button, If anyone do not find the same then it might be your browser issue, Then We recommends you to please delete your cookies and history from the browser, then uninstall it and again reinstall the latest version of browser and update your flashplayer, Then open our site you will see the logout option. If not works click this link.