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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera
Winner: Krishna Murthy
Winning Bid: 4.01
Philips Citrus Press
Winner: satya
Winning Bid: 2.23
Redmi 6
Winner: mohan
Winning Bid: 3.00
  • Schemes
  • Updated 14.11.2018


    Scheme start date: 14:11:2018 AT 10.00PM

    1. User has to Deposit a minimum of Rs 500 or more to get a Scratch Card.

    2. There is no any limitation for number of  Scratch Cards per user.

    3. You will definitely get a Scratch Card worth Rs 300  to 10,000  if you deposit the said amount.

    4. Scratch card amount will be credited to the user's account after scratching it completely.

    5. This amount will reflect as bidcredits to your user's account which can use for further bidding.

    6. Kindly note that the nos of 500 you deposits you will get scratchcard for each deposits made of Rs. 500.

    ex: If you deposits Rs 1000 -- You will get only one scratchcard.

         if you deposits Rs 5000 ---- You will get a one scratchcard only.

         So if you wants more scratchcard you need to go for Rs 500 denomination...

    Note; you can find the Scratch Cards option below the redeem points option after you login.


    1. The auction will immediately closed only  if the green bar is full as per the no of bids received.

    2. There is no any limitation everyone can partcipate.

    3. Kindly note that the bidcredits which to be used must be deposited or gained through scratchcards within 1month.

    4. Any previous credits used for participation will leads to cancellation of the auction without any refund.

    BIDBACK  Live

    No fear of Loss Now Bidnow


    1. This will applicable if the BIDBACK is written on the product details page.

    2. It will only  be applicable if the specified amount invested by the user mentioned on the product details page only once per 96hours..

    3. Maximum amount of refund also be mentioned on that particular product page which can be changed time to time for next auction.

    4. It will be credited back to te respective user's bid4jeet account as bidcredits after 24hours of auction closer except the won user.

    5. Bidpoints used for bidding will not be taken into consideration & if you claim bidback any other offer will not be applicable..

    6. Invested amount must be deposited within 96hours of auction closer , you can not claim BIDBACK  using the given bidback credits.  

    Note: Only deposited amount will taken into consideration not the bonus credits , It can not club with any other deposit offer.                            


    Scheme will be considered as live when the icon will appear on the product's image for a particular auction.

    Concept:- User will get back the amount which he/she bids on the particular item.


    1. User  Must have to deposit the amount which he/she wants to bids on that particular product on the closing date.

    2. There is no any type of limitation & condition for bidding point of view.

    3. Winner who will won the auction, can not get the amount in returned.

    4. all the users will be refunded whtever the amount he/she bids as bidcredits to his/her bid4jeet's account.

    5. If user bids more than the amount which he had deposited using previous deposits or bidcredits  then the same will not be refunded.

    6. All users will be refunded on the next day after the closing day.

    7. Maximum of the deposited amount will be refunded which the user deposits on the closing date of the particular auction to bid4jeet's account.

    8. Previous deposits & bidcredits will not taken into consideration


    Under this user does not required bid price/bid points to place bid. Its free of cost for the bidding point of view. There is a limitation to the bids, a single user can place a maximum of 100 bids per auction. . Winner must complet all the formalities to get the product.

    (i). User must be a new user (Not won any auction in our website from very beginning).

    (ii). If any Old users (who already won auctions in our website) those bids will be taken as invalid bids & no refund will be entertain.

    (iii). If any New user places more than 100 bids then his bids also be taken as invalid bids

    (iv) No needs to pay any charges for the product shipment.


    Scheme will be considered as live when the icon will appear on the product's image for a particular auction.

    Concept:- All User's get the respective amount flashes as bidcredits to his/her account back within one week from the auction got closed except the winner.


    1. User's needs to invest atleast a minimum of the respect bidcredits or above inorder to qualify for this scheme.

    2. Only bidcredits are taken into consideration , not the bidpoints he/she used.

    3. Winner will not be eligible who will won that particular auction under this scheme.

    4. Only the bidders who does not won the same auction although he/she invests the respective amount or more will be eligible for this contest.

    5.  Only the respective amount will be given by this scheme not the total amount he/she invests if exceeds the flash amount.



    Updated On 08/08/2016  AT 02:41:00PM

    Scheme will be considered as live when the icon will appear on the product's image for a particular auction.

    Concept:- User can claim the product although he/she will loose the auction by paying the remaining bidcredits as per the MRP except the winner.



    1. The scheme is only valid for 24 hours from the time of auction closure.

    2.Scheme is valid for only bidcredits(must be deposited within 24hours of auction closer ) not for bidpoints.

    3. Interested user must drop a mail for this to "" inorder to claim the item by paying the remaining bids within the above time frame.

    4. You can also claim for the bidcredits or bank transfer after paying the rest amount as given on the auction details page.

    5. Now you can also use your previous bidcredits to place your bids.